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How do I strengthen/prepare my home for a hurricane or other disaster?

Talk with your licensed contractor, engineer and home insurance provider. A modern home in Florida is typically built to meet Florida building codes, including hurricane anchors at roof/wall/beam/columns to resist uplift (winds attempting to raise roofs) and exterior nailing patterns at cladding/sheathing/paneling/roofing to resist shear (winds pushing on wall or roof systems).

You'll want to consider better bracing/strapping/nails/concrete and steel-specified by your engineer for your particular home, and your home insurance provider has a list of requirements to make your home safer/stronger and less expensive to insure.

Homes built with fire resistant materials: concrete, steel, clay roofing materials, masonry/concrete/cementitious wall systems are less likely to burn. Flamable landscaping systems should be cut back from the building. 

Usually homes built on higher ground or elevated are less likely to flood. Newer plumbing systems are less likely to flood.

Old electrical systems are possible fire hazards. A licensed inspector or licensed electrician or licensed electrical engineer can recommend a safer system.

Kish Builders believes it is prudent to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Consider a strategy to recharge your communications devices and filter/make safe possible compromised drinking water, have a bathroom strategy if water stops flowing thru supply and drain lines. Store some food and have the ability to prepare if the power goes out.

Many of us have been without power and clean water for weeks for a time after a disaster. Prepare and be prudent.


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